Sydney Opera House

Raise Lift Group were commissioned to install two Cama C6 curved platform stairlifts for the Sydney Opera House.

The objective was to create step-free access for the Playhouse Theatre from the foyer for the first time in line with original architects (the late Jørn Utzon) Design Principles - a guide for any future build changes.

The manufacturer of the lift, Cama is a Danish company and given the Opera House’s international stature and its Danish links, the owner of Cama Uffe Mayntzhusen flew to Sydney to assist in the design and installation of the lifts.

For minimum disruption, the installation took place at night, as the theatre was in use during the day and evening.

To negotiate the existing building structure specialist engineering was required in addition to a week of on-site modifications. This was due to a sloping floor and radiused wall to which the rail was to be fitted.

Ms. Jodie De Ruvo, author of has said of her visit to the Sydney Opera House “stairlifts are fantastic as they allow access to areas that wheelchairs cannot reach”.

The stairlifts feature fold-out seats, allowing them to be used by both patrons who use wheelchairs and those who are less mobile. Four new wheelchair accessible seating positions have been installed with improved sightlines at the mid-theatre entry level.

The two stairlifts, in custom black to blend in with the Playhouse environment, give access to the performances.

When not in use the Cama stairlifts fold up and park in a recessed alcove out of the way and are hidden from view.

The lift guide rails look and fit perfectly within the theatre décor and are architecturally sensitive to the building’s original features.